A staple in every wardrobe, rings are an essential detail that have to be carefully coordinated with personal taste. The collection of rings online and in store at Thomas presents some of the leading retailers in luxury jewellery, showcasing several key designs from simple bands to decorated gems. In addition to the wide range of engagement and wedding rings, Thomas offers men's and women's dress rings in Australia across a huge variety of metals, settings and stones.

With over 200 amazing creations from the designers at Thomas, the store alone can serve all your shopping needs when looking for rings in Australia. The ease of browsing, filtering by stone or gender, as well as searching for specific settings like solitaire or halo, means you have more than enough choice when searching for your next piece of jewellery.

The brands available at Thomas offer creations from the bold, basic Pastiche men's rings to the dainty women's rings of By Charlotte. Karen Walker showcases some stunning sterling silver pieces which highlight the trend for effortless, playful designs that are full of character, and there are plenty more options besides from well-known and local brands.

Searching for rings in Australia, you will be spoiled for choice as you stumble upon new designers, innovative combinations of metals, settings and gems and, most of all, you will be inspired by the huge diversity in style. Buying rings online can be a difficult task but with the Thomas team available to help you in their online chat function, it's simple to discuss your requirements and allow the dedicated staff to guide you and maybe suggest something you hadn't considered.