With many internationally recognised brands available both online and in store, finding pendants, necklaces and matching jewellery sets at Thomas is a wonderfully simple task. With options including local Australian creators, global fashion houses and the collection of Thomas pieces from the house designers, there is a necklace for every customer. Each piece has been chosen for its high quality, attention to detail and use of fine materials, ensuring that your purchase will delight you for years to come.

Sentimental jewellery is available featuring uniquely crafted name necklaces, pendants with engravings - including family-sized engraveable silver pieces - as well as a variety of beautiful religious options to cater for all customers. With gold, silver, rose gold, diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds featuring across a stunning range of fine chains, bold shapes and everything in between, the Thomas collection of necklaces in Australia offers the absolute premium in jewellery shopping.

Building your collection of necklaces in Australia is a delight with the many options for matching earrings, rings and charms allowing you to mix and match your personal style and create a fantastic jewellery box full of partner pieces, contrasting sets and unique designs. Pendants range from small, unique designs in classic styles to innovative, bold shapes to set off a daring outfit.

Shopping for necklaces in Australia is made simple and fuss-free with the online catalogue at Thomas, featuring a wonderful selection of brands across a range of prices and styles. The team are ready to assist you with any search whether for a gift, wedding, party piece or simply a wardrobe update, there are sure to be a host of necklaces and pendants available that suit you perfectly.