Making sure that your precious stones and jewellery are given the security and endorsement they need, so you always have a peace of mind. 

Remember to request a Valuation Certificate when confirming your order! Essentially an accompanying document validating the approximate retail replacement value of the item, a Valuation Certificate is mostly used for insurance purposes.

At Thomas, we offer Valuation Certificates for customers who want that extra bit of protection for their jewellery purchases. While all of our engagement rings each come with a Valuation Certificate, there are others that require you to request one by ticking 'I would like a Valuation Certificate' before adding the product to your cart.

The Certificate will state an approximate value based on the current marketplace and its typical retail prices, and will include a brief description along with key details on stone quality and gold purity of the item. Each Valuation is carefully certified and signed by a Thomas trained representative, and will go a long way in ensuring that your insurance company will give you an equal replacement of the item in case of any loss, damage or theft.

If you have any enquiries about our Valuation Certificates, feel free to leave us a note on our Enquiry Form and we will be in touch within three business days.