An exclusive, on-trend range, Eternal Fire at Thomas is a stunning collection of superb quality platinum and diamond engagement rings. With a creative scope covering every cut and setting imaginable, these striking pieces are one step ahead in luxury materials and high-end production. Creatively named after cities across the world, each design will delight the wearer with its unique and distinctive personality.

Eternal Fire rings feature a wide range of cuts from the classic round brilliant cuts to the less common but equally extravagant radiant and Asscher cuts. Using durable and highly popular 18 carat platinum, each ring sparkles and lights up the room with its brilliance and beauty. The platinum/diamond combination allows the stone to refract the maximum amount of light from its surroundings, making the Eternal Fire rings stand out like the priceless artworks they are.

The collection of Eternal Fire rings at Thomas uses only the finest GIA certified diamonds, all featuring one or more additional stones. Each ring boasts a laser inscription on a certified gemstone and an Eternal Fire logo stamp to absolutely assure you of the incredible quality and craftsmanship. Every ring in the series has a complementary wedding ring in the Thomas collection to ensure the perfect match for every bride.

With twenty designs to choose from and a huge range of options in settings, side stones, cuts, clarity, metals and more besides, you can be confident that creating your ring with the team at Thomas will leave you with an inspiring and distinctive piece of jewellery. As per the name, Eternal Fire rings signify the passion in every relationship and are created to make every bride-to-be feel as special and cherished as she deserves.