Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring R06P00184AWG

Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring R06P00184AWG

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18ct White gold engagement ring with nine brilliant cut diamonds weighing a total of 0.33ct in claw settings on a half round band.

Main Diamond
  • Shape Round
  • Carat 0.20ct
  • Colour F
  • Clarity SI1
  • Side Diamonds
  • Colour F
  • Clarity SI1
  • Number of side diamonds 8
  • Total Weight 0.13ct
What does all this mean?
  • Other Details
  • SKU TJ20037
  • Buying For Her
  • Total Diamond Weight 0.33ct
  • Code TJ20037
  • Design Number R06P00184-A
  • Setting Side Diamonds
  • Metal/Material Type 18CT White Gold
About this Diamond

The Four Cs

  • Carat

    The measure of a diamond's weight and size.


    'Carat' is a unit of mass used for measuring diamonds and gemstones. Essentially, the larger the carat, the bigger and heavier the diamond. Most diamond sizes start at .25 carats and go up to 2 carats and above.

  • Colour

    The grade of a diamond’s colour from colourless to light colour.



    F coloured diamonds arer the last grade in the colourless range. F grade diamonds represent excellent value while still retaining the beauty of a colourless diamond.

  • Clarity

    Refers to a diamond’s abscence of inclusions and blemishes



    SI1 diamonds are very sought after and are the most popular choice for Thomas customers who are looking for a very high quality diamond but also appreciate value for money. All Thomas SI1 diamonds are still classed as “eye clean” which means any inclusions are still tiny and arer completely invisible when viewing a diamond from the top 30cm away.

  • Cut

    The grade of a diamond’s proportions, symmetry and polish



    An Excellent cut is the highest grade that GIA awards and includes diamonds which are cut within very fine tolerances of the ideal cut. Excellent cut diamonds have the highest levels of performance with superb brilliance, fire and scintillation.

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About this Ring

The Setting & Metal

  • Side Diamonds

    A Side Diamonds setting includes other diamonds which complement the featured centre diamond and add extra sparkle.

    This setting is a classic alternative to the traditional solitaire ring. The side diamonds used are often visibly smaller diamonds set in the shoulder of the ring.

  • 18CT White Gold

    18ct white gold has the same purity as that of the 18ct Two-Tone, however the 18ct white gold metal consists of different alloys giving it an off-white colour that resembles platinum.

    White gold is 75% pure gold purity level, it is also plated with rhodium for a shiny polish. White gold has a high resistance to tarnish and rust and is easy to polish and repair. Purity levels of 75% gold, 25% pure alloys.

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