30 Day Money Back

Online Purchases Returns Policy

Now you can have full confidence in your online purchase from Thomas with our unparalleled online only returns policy.

With Thomas online purchases, we understand that you are not able to view the item you are purchasing before you order it, so we offer a special online only return policy, allowing you up to 30 days to return your online order for a full refund. While guaranteeing the high quality of our jewellery, this policy also offers enough time for you to be absolutely sure about your choice.

All returns are subject to several conditions:

  • The piece is in its original condition. Those showing signs of wear-and-tear, alterations (done outside of Thomas) or any form of damage will not qualify for a refund.
  • Pieces with engravings will not qualify for a refund.

Once we have received your item, we will put it through quality inspections and checks. If the returned piece satisfies all applicable rules, we will then refund the full price to you. Please ensure you have all necessary receipts, certification and original packaging before contacting us for a refund. 

  1. First and Last Name
  2. Address
  3. Order Number
  4. Details of item purchased
  5. Reasons why you would like a refund
  6. Screenshots/Scanned copies of receipts, certifications and/or any other related documents

If you have any enquiries or would like to get in touch with us regarding a refund, feel free to leave us a note on our Enquiry Form and we will be in touch within three business days.